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Monthly Vibes for September 2018
Wasn't that a party???
Monthly Vibe for August 2018 Cont'd
Well it feels like a month since I last wrote what...
Monthly Vibes Newsletter August 2018
The 8/8 Portal of August, 2018 and be-Yawned

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Jeanne offers the following workshops:

Introduction to Numerology - 3 hrs

You will learn the formulas for a full life chart and will have the tools necessary to learn information about yourself, your family and your friends. ( Course material provided)

Numerology Daily Planner Workshop - 3 hrs

You will learn how to make a calendar to assist you with your daily, monthly and yearly cycles. This will act as a guide for you as to what types of things you will be focusing on in each cycle as well as the use of colour and crystals to enhance your vibration.

NB: you will need to bring a blank calendar ( all other course material is provided)

Vision Board Workshop - 3 hrs

In this creative, fun workshop, you will learn about the power of intention and using words, pictures and symbols to create a vision board for what you wish to manifest for yourself . You will also take home your piece of art so that you can see your vision every day to assist you to stay focused on the bigger picture.


$40 per person (minimum 5 people-maximum- 12 )

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