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Monthly Vibes for September 2018
Wasn't that a party???
Monthly Vibe for August 2018 Cont'd
Well it feels like a month since I last wrote what...
Monthly Vibes Newsletter August 2018
The 8/8 Portal of August, 2018 and be-Yawned

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One Hour Sessions

Book a private session with The Number Genie

The private sessions are recorded and contain much more information to share with you.

What You Will Learn

Information about how a person directs their energy, what life cycle you are in at the moment and in the year ahead, what sorts of pastimes would feed the soul, complimentary career choices as well as relationship to others can be determined.

Within the numbers, there is etheric energy as well as meaning. Every number vibrates with this energy. There are also specific colours which vibrate to each number.

What does this type of information do for you personally?

Through understanding more about yourself and how you vibrate to the world, you can correct any weaknesses you may have and make the most of your strengths. You can also understand how to manage the cycles we all go through. Utilizing this knowledge helps us to live in the moment.

It also assists you to prioritize how you spend your time so that you are flowing with your cycles instead of struggling against them. Information is given on what is going on for you in the moment as well as things to focus on for six months to one year following your reading.

Another thing that can assist you personally is in understanding how compatible you are with another; the strengths and weaknesses in relationships.

Have you ever had the feeling that there was a gap between you and a partner and you wished you had some assistance in understanding how to become closer and more understanding of each other?

Relationship Charts using numerology are a wonderful tool to get to know each other better, whether you have just met or have been together forever!

Duration Time:

One hour per reading plus 15 minute wrap up period


$75 per person (recording included)

Group sessions available (minimum 4 people-maximum-7 people)

To book the Number Genie Please click here