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Jeanne's Jewels

Numerology for July 20th
There are some turning points today
Numerology for July 19th
There are new beginnings today.
Numerology for July 18th
Healing and introspection are the key words for to...

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Charts For Children

This chart will include:

  • a full life reading
  • the soul number - what will feed the soul
  • the life lesson number- lessons to be learned
  • the path of destiny number- purpose on the planet
  • career paths
  • power colours - specific to the numbers
  • crystals - to enhance spirit alignment
  • animal guides - Native medicine wheel

House clearings and charts

This chart will include:

  • a reading of the house vibration and how it vibrates to you
  • a colour flow chart to enhance the vibration of your home
  • a 1 hour consultation at your home to determine what needs to be cleared

Business by Number

This chart will include:

  • A reading on the vibration of the business name
  • A colour chart specific to the vibration of the business name
  • symbols specific to creating positive energy vibration and results

We also offer a team of experts in web management, development and graphic design. Contact me for more information.

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