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Monthly Vibes By The Number Genie - December 2016

Back From The Wars

Well now that we are in the last gasp of 2016, the year of
purification, I am picturing our collective experiences this
year as something like going through one of those wringer
washers from the 1960's backwards through time. This
has been a time of letting go, of re-alignment and great
change, both personally and globally.We have been
dealing with chaos and drama all around us as the old falls
away and makes room for the new.

This has also been a nine cycle year, or a 36/9 year. This
is the number of the INNER CHILD, thus the reason for all
the triggers in the PRESENT throwing us back in tim-E in
order to gift us with opportunities to heal and move
forward. This hasn't been a superficial surfing year, this
has been a lot of DEEP SEE diving.

Time to Re-Form

All timelines intersect

Back to the church

Back to the belief system

Back to cellular memory

Back to the bloodlines

Back to ME


The shadows of my former loves

my former lives

my Forming years

Time to re-Form

A r'Evolution's happyning and it's all the way you see it or sing it...

We can choose to focus on what we may feel is going
wrong or not. It is our choice to see it that way. I have
learned to ask, What is the gift in this? What is the
message? What is the song that sings in my heart? Where do I look for the gratitude in this experience?

We have all been healing wounds we didn't even know we
had, until they erupt in a health issue or some other
personal, family or global crisis. It's only then that we stop
to take a deeper, broader look at what's really going on
outside of surface reality. If you really think about it...

“People get ready, there's change a'comin”


Many of our great musical artists have left the planet this year. This has caused a re-kindling of the passionate music and lyrics of the era. The times when emotions were laid raw and words were real.

Yup...I'd say are we going to go boom or are we going to
ZOOM ahead in 2017 and bring forth our creativity, our
gifts and our wisdom and share it with our brothers and
sisters so that together we can grow a more peaceful world.

There are no victims, only players

There is no smoke, only mirrors

There is no blame, only shame

There are no pawns, only helpers

There are no accidents, only synergy

There is no coincidence, only sychronicity

On that note, December has been and will continue to feel
overwhelming so it is important to focus on what really
matters and go with the flow. Now is not the time for
pushing ahead but rather standing back to see how far
you have come toward manifesting your dreams in the
very near future. The planet Mercury is in retrograde or backward motion so we have until around January 21st to get some things cleared up and then ZOOM. We are coming up to the 111 gateway so seed these next universal 9 years wisely because the part you play in this shift is more important than you may think.

So let's kick some Awes in 2017!

Monthly Vibes

Time to Re-form

January 1st 2017. 1 month, 1 day and 1 year. The Angel
message according to Doreen Virtue is “An energetic
gateway has opened up for you, rapidly manifesting your
thoughts into reality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this
time, ensuring that they match your desires. Don't put any energy into thinking about fears at all, lest you manifest them.”

We really must get more sovereign in our thinking and off  the grid in our Be-ing.

The year we are about to enter has the numbers 20 and
17 in its makeup. There will be turning points and major
tests of adaptability that wlll ultimately bring more self-
awareness as well as global awareness. Karma will be at
play here and there be a changing of the guard so to
speak. It is also a year to find inner peace as well as more
confidence in self. It is a universal one year...a time for
seeding the new.

The number 1 vibrates the Magician in the Tarot. This year
is being called the big reset and it's a magical blend of
cosmic forces coming to aid us in manifesting what we
really desire but we have to do the work. We have to
stand up and take responsibility and own our decisions. If
the outcome isn't working, then press the reset button and get out of victim mode. Hold your thoughts, intentions and actions accountable and you will seed and manifest great things. It's time to get back to the garden, turn over what's soiled and plant anew.

Like a succulent flower in the desert

Blooming in spite of the parched sand

Laugh in the face of adversity

And your soul will not be barren

It will be filled with the light of Acceptance

and the simplicity of Miracles

I am just doing the math now and I real-eyes that it has
been eight months since I last wrote a newsletter. As I
mentioned earlier on, this has been quite the year, for me

There were some deaths in my immediate family
and one of them was due to suicide. This particular one
caused me to go back thirty years in time to re-live parts
of my own grief about my first husband's suicide. At the
same time, many of my clients were having similar
experiences and coming for readings. My mediumship
skills grew and as they grew, so did the list of stories I
had to share. So what I am focusing on is the positive.

I have been writing the stories down and am now compiling a book entitled UnVeiling The Spirit World. I'll be sure to have a signed copy ready for you when it comes out!

Well It seems that the book is taking the lead right now
because I am unable to do much else. I got a wee burn on
the inside of my right calf in late October. It was the size
of a larger nail head. It looked brown and dry and one day
I noticed it getting red. The skin had broken open. It
wasn't healing so I went to get it looked at. The diagnosis
was not accurate but I dutifully accepted it for 3 weeks. At
that time they decided to send me to a wound doctor
(known by hospital staff as Mr. Chop and Slice) who
thankfully sent me to a plastic surgeon who informed me
that if she didn't perform a skin graft, I would get very
sick and eventually lose my leg or worse.

She has successfully operated twice and now I am at
home with my leg in a cast while healing is taking place.
So that's another positive...more time to finish the book.

There is an UnVeiling The Spirit World - Healing My Inner
Child story that is the longer version of this experience if
you are interested in the serendipity of it all. I received so
many messages from the Spirit world and have recounted them in the story.

You can find it here:

Another thing that my wonderful Ken and I have been
doing to keep the focus on positive creativity through
changing times is making YouTube Videos! We have
branded ourselves as Five Mile Turn and right now we
have 11 raw, off the floor videos to share of our original
music. Please check them out here and like us on
Facebook. If you are in the mood an drop us a line! Please
share with friends! We will be recording as soon as I get
back on my feet. I am so excited to be turning 60 this February...same day as Johnny Cash.

Here is the link for YouTube


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