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Monthly Vibes for February 2015 by The Number Genie

Here we are...2015

Have we really arrived?

January, 2015 seemed to stretch on forever and fly by all at the same time. Every day seemed to be packed with purpose, however most of us may be wondering about the purpose behind events that transpired last month. Many of us were left shaking our heads in wonder at the behaviour of some of our closest connections.

Pockets of Drama continued; in fact it was all around us. Yet drama is a choice. We can choose to get immersed in it or we can choose peace and literally keep our heads above water. The other option is to lose it all together and for some of us, that may not be a bad i-d-awe.

We are the stars of our own personal movies. Sometimes there is drama, sometimes suspense but sometimes the comedy stretches on to reach epic porportions. When we can see the comedy surrounding what we may feel is a tragedy, we are well on our way to accepting responsibility for ourselves and our lives here on this planet.

The other side is ZERO...

You begin to exist when you begin to play the game. Whenever you are bored, you go back to zero. That is where the fool in you lives, the one that dares to dream...your inner child.

January was a month for getting to know ourselves better through having to deal with the intense energies all around us as well as what we were feeling inside of us. Our inner children were being rounded up and pushed out the door into the great unknown. It felt like everything took a flip. We felt wobbly, like toddlers; not knowing whether we were going to fall into the abyss or keep on going.

Behind the scenes, there has been a great shifting of power. Huge corporations are beginning to fall as priorities and perspectives are shifting in the masses.

On January 20th 2015, we reached critical mass. Mother Nature is watching to see what we will do...

It feels like the world is on a pivot and we are all at a huge turning point. Self awareness is becoming more important as we learn to integrate and recognize our patterns and our conditioning. More people are being forced to stop and look within before charging forward like hungry lions roaring for their dinner.

It seemed that every time we charged, an electrical fence kept us from claiming what we felt was rightfully ours. However, in order to claim anything, we have to own and recognize the ways in which our energy is moving. Is it slow and sluggish, bogged down by fear, depression or apathy or is it clear and direct, powered by conscious thought, word and action?

There is no room for ego here. That is why the towers of pride are crumbling into dust. It is tim-E.

Grandmother Moon...what is it that you will speak with me about today?

I speak about time and your focus on it.

Time can only be pinpponted in retrospect

For it holds no future, only the seeds of the past

Those seeds have already been planted

the garden lovingly tilled

Time only slows down when you become discontented

However that is an illusion

An invitation to puruse it, not pursue it

Time knows no boundaries

It is as limitless as energy

Sometimes you may feel as if time has stopped

but it is time getting you to stop

to allow

the cycle to complete itself

without you focusing on what you have to do

physically to move it forward

That is a lie

The biggest lie ever known to humankind

You cannot watch time

Time watches you

No need for gadgets or things that mark time

unless you don''t remember who you are

because of where you''ve been

Each piece of time is like a fragment of your soul

Time shatters, experience matters

How has your time here on earth served you?

How may you spend your time serving others?

How may you spend your time serving yourself?

How are you de-serving your time?

In order to have balance in your life

you must balance your time

it IS the essence

Smell it

Taste it

Savour it

Then chew it up and spit it out

Create that which is time-less

It is the legacy that is you

All of the fragments

All of the sediment

sifting together to become whole

The Great Cosmic Egg

Monthly Vibes

The Soup Is Being Created

There''s a new soup on the menu and it''s called Divine Guidance sprinkled with huge doses of Gratitude.

February vibrates to the number 2, representing the subconscious mind. As I have mentioned many times before, that is where all the poop lives. Right about now, you may be thinking, does this shit ever end?

Most of us run away from it or try to fling it on others. Did you know that the word shit vibrates to the number sequence 911? Hey everyone, it''s an emergency. I don''t want to deal with my shit, so I will just blame it on you or my circumstances or the state of the world in general. It''s pretty thick out there.

Everything out there is but a reflection of what is gestating inside of us.

911= the Master #11 which symbolises the scales of balance and infinite possibility through choice.

2 B In Peace                  2B In Fear

2B Love                         2B Hate

2B in-JOY                       2B Sorrow

2B in balance... one must look within for transformation and integration

Yes it is a potatoe heart...found in the bag when I was preparing dinner and missing my mother...

Photo by Ken Tuck

The month of February is represented by the High Priestess in the Tarot. She is the receptacle that holds the key to whatever it is that you wish to create. She is a combination of light and shadow, the parts of self that are hidden from view...

February 2015 is a great opportunity to get to know yourself better. It will feel like a continuation of January because there is still an air of mystery about everything. This is because February is a gestation period in which it is not necessary to assert ourselves, but rather await results. Hidden energies are working beneath the surface that will be revealed at a later date...

From now until the planet Mercury goes direct on Feb 11th, it is time to collect and assimilate the experiences of the past without getting stuck or wallowing in them. Tall order these daze :-)

The future may seem unclear at this time so stop looking ahead and choose to in-Joy the moment.

Memories are a prime motivation for our actions now. Use the stored wisdom from your past experiences to re-Solve any snags in partnership because this period is meant to help us re-evaluate our re-Actions. By meditating more, we can tune in to what is really being formulated by our thoughts.

The other side of the number 2 is of course..more shit caused by allowing trivial matters to trigger us to react emotionally to confrontations or to withdraw, rather than mediate.

Calm, silent contemplation activates our creative potential and assists us to produce innovative ideas and unique solutions both individually and together as One Heart, One Soul, One Mind...The uni-Verse All Power

Until next month, be well, be happy and stay balanced.

*** Please see below for all the  news and promotions going on this month. I love being busy!


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In Love & Gratitude

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