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Super Aquarius Moon Special Edition by The Number Genie

I thought I'd share a few bits of information with you before I do the February newsletter. There is so much happening on so many levels this month. There was a super new moon in Aquarius on January 20th that knocked the socks off a lot of us. Emotions are getting even more stirred up as a result of it, something akin to standing in the water with your toes in the sand and when you kick up a fuss about something, it takes a while for the waters to become clear and for balance to return.

Often when I am asking for a message about what is happyning, I do some automatic writing and use the moon as my muse. Here is another Grandmother Moon sharing :-)

Grandmother Moon...what is it that you will speak with me about today?

I speak about the layers

The layers of conditioning

The layers of grief

The layers of guilt

All of them are being loosened now, for they are the cobblestones

of the Past

They have no purpose in your future

However, today, they appear as your Present

What are you going to do with all those layers?

Crumple them up and throw them in a corner for the duration

of your suffering?


Snip them off now and unravel yourself from the whole

Sordid Scene

New Moon in Aquarius demands that you Dare

demands that you Deviate

demands that you expand your vision AND your consciousness

It will make a huge difference in your NOW

This is a time to look within and if you don't feel as if you can or are feeling overwhelmed...stick up your hand and ask for help. Meditation, Gratitude and Prayer are also very good for remaining grounded at this time.

In that note, I am offering some specials right now :-)

I will be at The Chocolate Rabbit at 11 Queen St in Lakefield On

 I am doing mini readings from 1-4p.m. this Thursday and Friday afternoon, January 29th and 30th

Come enjoy a handmade chocolate treat and some tea and sit with me for a 20 minute session for $20 ($15 off the reg price)

Book a Number Genie Party by Valentine's Day and receive a $15 discount per reading as well as a free gift for the person hosting the party. The parties are a lot of fun when you have a potluck party. I come and do readings while everyone else is visiting and comparing notes and the person hosting it doesn't have to do all the preparation. It's been a win win!

The parties can take place in the months ahead. As long as they are booked by Valentine's Day, the discount applies.

Minimum 5 people, maximum 8 for full hour readings.

Minimum 6 people, maximum 12 for mini readings.

Please email me for more details

Also... remember that my phone reading special is still on. Book your reading before Feb 1st and you save $15. You can have your reading at any time after February 1st for the special price of $50 for a full recorded hour and $20 for 20 minutes as long as you book it by Feb 1st :-)

Until next month, stay safe, stay balanced and this too shall pass.

In Love & Gratitude

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