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Numerology for July 20th
There are some turning points today
Numerology for July 19th
There are new beginnings today.
Numerology for July 18th
Healing and introspection are the key words for to...

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January Phone Reading Special with The Number Genie

Happy January and first blast of 2015. It seems that there is a very restless energy moving through our systems right now. Sometimes one needs some words of encouragement and support to let them know that everything is happening in perfect timing, even though it doesn't always feel like that.

So I have decided to reach out by phone to my readers in the month of January and offer a $15 dollar discount to anyone who books their phone reading this month.

I use numerology, tarot, intuitive and energy cards to cover the full spectrum of information.

Mini Readings are $20 and full readings are $50

Email me through the booking page and let's connect!

I find readings like these help you stay in the moment, and the moment is all there is :-)

You can also give a phone reading as a gift if you know of someone who is going through a particular challenge at this time.

Chat soon,



In Love & Gratitude

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