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Overview for 2015 and Monthly Vibes By The Number Genie

Happy New Year Everyone!

2015 Overview

"Life is like an OUR glass...turn it over and it is tim-E looking back at itself."

The year 2015 is one of great change and great harvest. This year falls under the vibration of the number 8. Eight is one of the numbers that can be scribed over and over again without lifting the pen. It symbolizes infinite possibilities for advancement in any direction, using any medium. 

Turned on its side, the number 8 is a symbol of infinity as well as the Magician's lemniscate. 2015 is the year we harvest the seeds we have sown since 2007. All of the changes that have gone on in our lives as well as in the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world have brought us to this pivotal point.

Our Mother Earth has also reflected and continues to reflect the areas where there is a need for clearing and cleansing. This is shown to us when we watch weather patterns.

Weather evolves as a result of whatever is going on in the Collective Subconscious. In other words, it is a specific pattern created by the thoughts, fears and desires of the collective community. Weather can also be consciously directed.

I learned this from a native shaman healer many years ago. I was at a retreat and he was there doing energy work sessions. It was a weekend event because there were about 20 of us who were having a session with him.

It was a beautiful summer day and the tables outside were overflowing with an abundance of various dishes brought by everyone participating. People were milling about on the deck enjoying the sunshine when quite suddenly, a huge clump of menacing black clouds appeared on the horizon. The sun was gone, the wind had picked up and the first of the heavy raindrops began to fall. Everyone was rushing toward the tables to get the food inside when I looked over and there he was, complete with a necklace made of bear claws.

He stood erect and tall, raised his rather large right hand to the sky and bellowed,

I said...NO RAIN

His voice boomed out like a crack of thunder over the deck and everyone stopped what they were doing, mesmerized by his countenance. Being the ever inquisitive, analytical me, I stood back and watched to see what happened. Within 5 minutes, the sky cleared up and the rain hadn't even soaked the deck when the sun came back out.

I knew two more things at that moment. The first thing was that it is possible to consciously affect the weather. The second was that I was going to get my money's worth from my session with this man. I have several similar stories from my own findings and experiences since then, but that's another blog.

I am sharing this story with you because I wish to re-Mind you that having fearful thoughts when faced with anything, including severe weather patterns, only energizes and amplifies the pattern. For this reason, if you find yourself in an area where one is occurring, you can consciously energize that you are safe. This includes re-membering to ask your guides and angels for assistance. This is the power of putting both thought and prayer into action.

I feel it is important to note here at the onset of 2015 because we will be seeing and experiencing more intense weather patterns than ever before. This is partly because our world is preparing as a collective to re-Lease the old and birth the new over the next two years.

2015 is a year of turning points in both self-awareness and Collective Consciousness. We the people do have the power to make or break, save or slay and this is the year when the scepters of power will begin changing hands in earnest. It is a year of adaptation and renewal, where old habits and familiar ways of doing things cease to exist.

More people will be questioning the purpose of their existence. Tired of the rat race, more people will find themselves looking for ways to lighten their days with laughter and creativity instead of doom and gloom. It does help greatly to avoid media hype.

At times it will seem as if there were an invisible chasm that separates the worlds within our world. This will feel the same with people. You will know if you are vibrating to a person or not by your physical and emotional body reaction.

More people will opt for peace than ever before. This will come as either conscious intent, choice or action or forced as a result of the laws of cause and effect; which will really be evident this year. We will all be gifted with the opportunity to release our need for constant doubt and struggle. We will consciously choose more peace filled moments in our day to day lives.

Events will occur suddenly this year and the results will depend on just how well we have written our final exams...


The Fire Magician by Zepaulo

Monthly Vibes

The Marks are coming in

The month of January vibrates to the number one. The #1 is represented by the Magician in the Tarot. The Magician remembers the path but takes a different one. The Magician represents the conscious mind, which by concentration and focused intent can draw upon Cosmic forces to manifest into the material world. The Magician knows that he is merely a channel for the power of the Source energy to flow through him.

January is a month of new beginnings, quick decisions and independence. You will have the ability now to separate yourself from your environment and choose the path you wish to take. It may require some quick decisions on your part. It is time to take the reins so to speak and develop your future course.

Set out to develop your talents and skills this month. It is also a good month for self promotion. Your most important experiences will be ones that you initiate this month, however strength and self-control are required.

This period is the foundation for all things new.

Until Next month,

Miracles Happen



Blankets you like snow

Pure as intention to teach

what you know


Like the trees standing tall before you

Know that all is not lost

because of frozen ground

Through the door silence rushes in

Deafening you with the sound of your soul

It hears you and beckons you

to move gracefully

from the shadows left behind

Peacefully, within the wisdom of your mind

In my personal news, i am very great-full to say that I am in a wonderful new location and full time Number Genie!

I am very busy teaching and performing as well as doing private readings and energy sessions.

I have also been a guest on Rob McConnell is an ex police officer who has been hosting the Hamilton Ont. based show for 22 years now. with 2,500,000 listeners all over the world. I will be a regular on the show.

I am pleased to be able to share with you the last two interviews.

September 18th: Numerology

October 22nd: The Numerology of Terrorism


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