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Enjoy a sample of my Monthly Vibes Newsletters.

Monthly Vibes for December 2014 by The Number Genie


Having just blasted through the month of November with its 11 11 gateway, most of us are being challenged to remember all the events and situations that went on last month. By now, you may have noticed that things have sped up. This time, it feels like many timelines are at work simultaneously.

Past, Present and Future timelines all rolled into two words...


Our daydreams create our deepest hopes and wishes. When we allow ourselves to dream , we paint a picture of the vision we wish to create in our lives. It's the same thing with worry. When we worry, we paint a picture as well but it is a picture of a victim in a sad story.

Our greatest desires in life are the keys to the path we wish to take. The entire universe moves with our thoughforms to bring us all that we desire. 

The 11 11 Gateway opened up all sorts of possibllities for us to grow on both personal and global levels but things have been moving so fast, most of us haven't had any time to catch our breath long enough to notice the change.

We will get some time in the latter half of December to do that but right now, there seems to be almost too much to do.

The jewels of Life lie in the palms of your hands. Open them, so they may glisten in the sun


Monthly Vibes

Joy To The World

December is the 12th month and as such, is symbolized by th Hanged Man in the Tarot. The key word for the Hanged Man is reversal. It's significance is that things are not as they appear and we must look beneath the surface for true understanding. So even though there is hustle and bustle all around us, we must take some time to go within and listen to our hearts as well as connect to the hearts of our loved ones.

December 6th was a full moon in Gemini, symbolized by the Lovers card in the Tarot. All matters concerning homeland, home, family, relationships and overall physical and emotional health fall under this key. We have personally experienced or witnessed a lot of changes in our lives and well as in the lives of family and friends since the Fall Equinox of September 20th 2014.

So here we are, a little over 70 years since the attack on Pear Harbour...

I wonder...what pearls are you harbouring today? Please re-Member that  for every painful experience, there is a nugget of joy, a heartfelt truth; a snippet of wisdom.

December, 2014 is a time to take stock of those pearls. Many of us are at pivotal points in our lives . Our world and our planet are experiencing same. When we can join together in harmony and use the threads of our journeys to cover us like a warm coat, we will never be left alone out in the cold. There will always be someone there with the information or assistance you need.

We are all One....

When things are fluctuating, it really helps to re-calibrate your surroundings. Take some time over the next couple of weeks building up to the Winter Solstice on December 21st to clear the energies in your home by moving furniture and pictures around, deep cleaning, smudging, painting and decorating. Wherever there is clutter, remove it and you will find that you feel lighter and can think more clearly.

Enjoy the little things and remember to take some time to be great-full for the gifts you receive each day, not just at Christmas. Sometimes we receive gifts in the form of a life changing or threatening situation. Take a moment to count your blessings if your health is good and to say a prayer for those who are being challenged at this time. Love heals.

December Dawn

Blushing like a bride against the indigo sky

Whitecaps in the trees

Twinkling you a-Wake

Re-membering that

Even on a cold winter's day

The heart can find warmth

in the rays

of Love

In my personal news, i am very great-full to say that I am in a wonderful new location and full time Number Genie!

I am very busy teaching and performing as well as doing private readings and energy sessions.

Speaking of performances, I would like to personally invite those readers in the Peterborough area, to come out and join us in a Winter Solstice Celebration on December 21st. at Studio 505, 505 Sherbrooke St West, Peterborough Ont.

It's an afternoon event with live original music performed by Ken and myself as Five Mile Turn, the talented Tami J. Wilde singing some of her originals and special guests, The Third Eye; a wonderful trio of young talented musicians.

I am the MC for the show so I will also be giving messages to members of the audience who wish one.

Other festivities include:

Murdocks Goods- The Funky Store with lots of gift ideas for Christmas

Kathie Heasler from Angel Hands Therapy giving intuitive hand massages and introducing her special Polarity Tea

A refreshment table for the sweet tooth in you.

Tickets are $10 . Advance booking is best.  See poster for details. See you there!

I have also been a guest on Rob McConnell is an ex police officer who has been hosting the Hamilton Ont. based show for 22 years now. with 2,500,000 listeners all over the world. I will be a regular on the show.

I am pleased to be able to share with you the last two interviews.

September 18th: Numerology

October 22nd: The Numerology of Terrorism


Number Genie News & PrThird Eyeomotions

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Upcoming Workshops & Events


November 21st and 26th from 7-10 p.m.

$35 per person- 10 spots available-advance bookings only. Please email me to book and for details.

3 hour vision board workshop. Come enjoy youurself while creating an artistic vision board of what you intend to create in the next 3 months. We begin the workshop with a guided meditation and then cut, paste, glue and glitter. Each participant also given a message at end of workshop.

The Number Genie is available for 1 hour sessions and home parties as well as a guest speaker for corporate events. 

Just click on Book Genie on my website for more info!

Another service that I am excited to offer you is Life By Number; an exclusive web based subscription service that is personally designed for you and your birthday.

It's a great gift for someone as it keeps on giving all year long!

You can watch an informative YouTube video by clicking on the Life by Number link to the right

There are testimonials on my site as well.

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In Love & Gratitude

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