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UnVeiling the Spirit World Part 10- Message For a Father

Wed. Jun. 18, 2014

This is a story about Father's Day weekend, 2014. It was Father's Day weekend and I was invited to do readings at a First Nations Father's Day Celebration. The energies were strong because it was a full moon.

My third reading of the night walked into my office and sat down. He had a quiet presence about him. I said my usual prayer and the session began. The minute it did, I sensed the presence of a medicine man who had been part of the community for many years before he passed into Spirit. I was blessed to meet him while he was on earth as well as benefit from his wisdom about medicinal plants and ancient teachings. He was also a Native shaman who knew much about the world of Spirit and the messages gifted by observing animals, birds and every thing that crosses your path.

My logical mind wondered why his spirit was present for this particular reading but in my gut, I knew the answer would reveal itself in time so I said nothing and just "stored" it for later. After doing the man's numerology, I discovered that he bore the same Life Lesson number as myself. I smiled and said, are you writing or doing anything else creative with your time? He looked at me with sad eyes and said that he used to write poetry but hadn't since 2008.

I said, well you have the same Life Lesson number as I; how have you managed to survive the last six years without expressing yourself in some way...I'd be dead! He said, well..when I really want or need to write, I write to my daughter.

The air around me suddenly got cold and I felt the hairs on my right arm standing on end and then the goosebumps started. I felt a presence standing close to the right side of the chair in which I was sitting. I looked at him and said softly, your daughter's on the other side of the veil isn't she? The man nodded his head and said yes. I asked him her name and he told me. As soon as he said it, I saw a vision of a girl sitting in a chair and her hand was rapidly moving from her head to her stomach. Simultaneously, I was listening to the man tell me the story that when his daughter passed into Spirit, he went to see a native shaman....

The shaman had conducted a pipe ceremony for his daughter and during the ceremony, he had a vision of the man's daughter rising free of her wheelchair and traveling through the dimensions. With each new level reached, two eagles would join her, increasing their numbers 2 by 2 until finally the sky was black with eagles and she was flying with them.  The shaman said that she had gone from the earth early so she could bring messages from Spirit down to earth in some way. I nodded my head and as the man's eyes opened wide, I gave him the name of the shaman he had omitted earlier in his story as the same one, I had known. I also told him that I had felt his presence in the room the minute he had sat down and wondered why until now...

I then told the man about the vision of the girl in the chair with her hand moving rapidly from her head to her stomach. I asked him if he knew what that meant. He validated my vision by telling me that his daughter had a shunt going from her brain to her stomach when she was alive!

I asked him if he had ever done any automatic writing, the process of saying a prayer and asking a question and then just writing down the words as they come to mind without stopping to look at the written material until after the words stopped coming. I told him that I often utilize this form of writing and then just trust Spirit to tell me when I am finished.

It is interesting to note here that Eagle represents the messenger from Spirit in Native teachings.

He said no, he had not done any automatic writing.. I suddenly was very strongly urged to tell him that his daughter wanted to give him messages from the Spirit world in this way. I suggested that he begin each writing with her name and then asking what is it that she would like to speak with him about today? I then correlated the message he had received from the shaman about flying with Eagle to bring messages to Earth. I said, she wants to be your writing guide and help you write your books...plural.

The man looked at me and smiled for the first time. He held out his right arm. It was covered in goosebumps and all the hair was standing on end. It was then that the lights flickered on and off twice...just for good measure.

I don't really know how long we were in there, but I do know that it was much longer than the alotted time of 15 minutes.

When Spirit speaks...time is irrelevant.

We were further validated when we went out into the hallway and the co-ordinator was coming down the hall to greet us, a look of incredulous knowing on her beautiful face. She said that she had kept coming to the door to knock and say that our time was up but was being "told" very strongly not to so she listened to her inner sense and left us alone. 

The man walked back to the main party room and announced out loud to all the men present that he had just received messages from his daughter and that this was the best Father's Day he had had in a long while.