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UnVeiling the Spirit World Part 8

Mon. Oct. 21, 2013

Signs, Symbols, Synchronicities and Love

When we give Thanks, we give the gift of lov-E

We look upon the past as a gift

unwrapping in the Present

When we give thanks, we are in the nowment

Ready to birth something new

Gratitude is the Master Key

The beam that Lights your world for thee

For great-Ness is created with lov-E

We as humanity, are awakening to the real-eyes-ation of the power "struggles" that challenge us to dig deep within our cells or memory banks; filed within the layers of our subconscious minds. Just like the layers of an onion, sometimes you have to peel off the smelly bits to get to the sweet "meet." Sometimes it's challenging to give thanks. We have to heal the parts of our s"Elves that are stuck first.

What spoken words are driving our wheel of intent?

What hidden emotions are drowning out our thirst for Peace?

What buried anger is burning out our desire for Love?

I am giving thanks more each day for the signs, symbols and sychroniciites that show up to enlighten my nowments. I'd like to share a more recent sequence of events of this Autumn, 2013.

The energies of September held an aspect of intense cleansing for both Mother Earth and her inhabitants. All sorts of things were coming up for re-Lease, re-Birth and re-View. There was so much to do and so much happening around us and all this has spilled into October...

As I look back on the beginning of October, I remember Ken and I sitting in our sumac grove enjoying a cup of tea. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the  sudden movement of a very large winged bird. Upon closer scrutiny, I saw that it was a huge Barn Owl, now flying directly toward me before veering off. I was the one who got the "full picture" because Ken was sitting with his back to it. He just heard the loud swooshing sound of its wings as it disappeared from sight.

I took a major mental note. Owl vibrates to the #21 and symbolizes the world in the Tarot. The key word for Owl is deception. It is also known as the Night Eagle. One who can see through the darkness. Owl is known as the Wise One. It comes to us in times of change and transition.

There is all ways another door leading into other worlds of Being

Owl's message is it's time to spread your wings and broaden your horizons. I smiled to myself as I received the message and said to Ken; well, it looks like life is going to get even more interesting. I didn't have to wait long... 

I received a call to do a Number Genie party at a neighbouring town and read for five women. I didn't know any of them prior to the party. I had been referred by a relative of hers, to the woman who owned "the old farmhouse."  When I received the directions and was given the address, I sat down and did the numerology on it. I always pay attention to the addresses because I can determine what kind of energy viibration I am going into by "doing the math" as every number carries different energy. 

The old farmhouse added up to the number 18 which is the number of the Moon in the Tarot, I remember thinking to myself that it would be an interesting party because the symbolism of the moon is healing. I was also intuitively getting that there was much healing work yet to be completed there.

The morning of the party came and I began preparing by  asking my guides for assistance and to let me know if there was anything I needed to take with me. Sometimes I will be guided to take certain crystals or white buffalo native sage and my Eagle feather for clearing the energy in the room where I am working. This time, there seemed to be a lot of crystals that wanted to go with me as well as the sage, my eagle feather and my gourd rattle.

It felt like my bag weighed a ton as I made my way across the property to the waiting van. Our friend was there to drive us to the nearby town and then he and Ken were going to go on an Autumn photo shoot adventure.

Well, the adventure began about 30 minutes into our drive. There in the road ahead of us, were three huge black buzzards chewing on a piece of roadkill and they weren't budging. I amused myself rather than be a nervous backseat driver and ask our friend to slow down. I made a mental note that we were on Hwy 36 and the number 36/9 meant obstacles ahead. We were almost upon them when they flew in unison right over the dashboard. They were so close we were ducking our heads inside the van.

I made another mental note but this time I didn't keep it to myself. I said to Ken and our friend that there was something that may appear on the road that may not budge at all the next time and therefore, to watch their speed. That said, we were almost at the address I had been given for the old farmhouse. We pulled in and started driving slowly down the long, windy, secluded driveway. There were lots of huge potholes in the road, filled with muddy water. The road wound around some trees and we foud ourselves going across a beaver dam just brimming with water. I felt like I was driving across some moat into the Mists of Avalon....

We finally arrived at the homestead, which I later found out was situated on about 100 acres, a vortex within itself. As I bid farewell to the men, I walked around to the front of the van and was guided to place my hand on the hood with the intention to ask for protection while they drove around looking for photographic moments. It wasn't until they returned to pick me up that I found out a buck had jumped out in front of the van not 5 minutes after they got back on the highway!

It happened so fast, they didn't have time to react even if they wanted to. They are still unsure of how it missed them. I know that Ken isn't pondering why anymore.

Now Deer vibrates to the #4 in Native teachigns and its message is to walk in the material world with gentleness. Deer medicine means that we must not force our way...we must win it. Even when we may be feeling "boxed in."  Just like the buzzards noticed earlier on the trip; sometimes you may need a little help from you angels and guides. Ask and ye shall receive.

So back at the farmhouse, I crossed the yard to greet the owner. Warm and friendly, her personality was just like the woodstove burning brightly in the kitchen. She apologized for the clutter and said she was moving.

The room that had been chosen for me was upstairs, with a window overlooking the autumn fields and the apple trees laden with fruit and waiting to be harvested. It was freshly painted but empty, with the exception of a small table and two chairs. The room had a bathroom attached to it with a door that made everything self contained.

I "prepared" the room by smudging it with white buffalo sage and my eagle feather. I was ready. What I wasn't "ready" for was the number of souls that had crossed over that wanted to come through me with a message for her. Each of them described and presented themselves one by one with a message for her. Each of them wanted her to know that she had their permission to sell the place. What I didn't know was that she was really stressed about her decision because the farmhouse and surrounding property had been in the same family since 1904!

The afternoon stretched on with more messages for the other women in the group as well. The women were all related. I began to feel like all of the ancestors had come to be part of the last Thanksgiving celebration in the family home. There were so many messages that came through and so much validation for me from the women that everything started to blur.

I remember one of the messages that came through regarding a car accident. I was given an image of a bad accident and then I received information that two people had perished. I got the feeling it was 2 people and one of them was very young. They were both males. The woman I was working with kept shaking her head and saying that she couldn't remember anything like that. I tried to move on but "these two" seemed very determined to be recognized. I kept asking her to think. I said again, someone in your family. It doesn't have to be your immediate family. As soon as I said that, the light went on and the woman said; Oh, I know who that is. It was my uncle. He and his 2 year old son were killed in a head on collision! That's why I was getting the #2. Two people and a 2 yr old was one of them.

After the reading was over, I felt that I needed to go outside for some air and to get grounded. I headed down the stairs and out into the sunlit afternoon. I started walking around the property, stretching my legs. The woman that owned the farmhouse was outside as well I started walking a short distance away from the house toward another outbuilding. I stood in front of it and said, this used to be the old summer kitchen. She said, yes it was.

I was not prepared for what came next. I was walking around the front of the building when suddenly I stopped, rooted to a particular spot. I felt the ground undulating beneath my feet and an incredible amount of energy coursing through the soles of my moccasins. I got a mental image that the ground was hollowed out underneath me. Then I received an image of a baby girl. I said, someone's buried here, it's a little girl!

I started separating the grass with my hands. I said to the woman; there was a tree here at one time, a crab apple tree. Then I described her great grandmother showing me her stillborn baby girl, who was buried in exactly the same spot that I was standing on! The woman said, yes, her great grandmother used to sit uderneath the tree and talk to her baby. You could have pushed me over with a feather when she validated these messages that I had given her. My logical mind was expecting that she would say, I don't know what you are talking about but she didn't. She confirmed the message I had given her was true.

With the magnitude of this information sinking in, I turned and began walking slowly back to the house. My feet, inside my moccasins, were still pulsing with energy as I made my way softly across the grass toward the house. You see, when I "saw" the little girl in my minds eye, I got the feeling that her spirit had been stuck there for a very long time. I had to ask her to go to the Light three times before she finally left.  When she was leaving, I felt another incredible surge of energy go through me; sort of like sticking a wet finger into an electric socket. I was still trying to make sense of it when a red dragonfly landed on my left hand, just hovering there for a second or two. Then it flew off. I felt a very warm feeling of Love inside. I knew that the little girl was free at last. She sent me Dragonfly to let me know.

Red is the colour of new beginnings. The dragonfly allows us to see beyond the veils of illusion and the limits of tim-E.  The symbolic message from Dragonlfly was that the little girl was on the other side of the "veil" now and free to move forward on her journey.

Energy or Spirit is not created or restored; it just changes form.

By the time my ride arrived, I was ready to go home in order to begin the process of integrating my experiences so that I could write about it and share it with you. The men were full of stories about their adventures that day, but the one that really stuck with them was the big buck they had just missed hitting.

 Even driving out of the property was interesting. Ken was in the passenger seat up front as we were rolling along the driveway on our way out. He said, Hey, there's that Blue Heron again; the one that met us at the driveway on the way in! 

There on the road, stood this magnificent Great Blue Heron, poised, patient and graceful. It was standing there as if waiting for us. The great bird just kept standing there as the van inched closer with Ken hanging out the window, taking pictures. The heron would wait until what seemed like the last minute, then lift its great wings and fly around the next bend. As soon as we came around it too, there it was again, standing in the same position just staring at us. It was playing with us, making us stop and slow down. This game continued until we reached the straight part in the driveway. The heron flew ahead of us and waited at the mouth of the driveway, a tall silouette in the sunlit spot where it was standing, waiting for us to get closer. When we were within feet of the end of the driveway it finally lifted its great wings in a V formation and veered off to the left. 

I was feeling like my "message box" was pretty full already but I managed to take this one in as well. Heron teaches about having patience; keeping still until the time is right to strike. The V formation is symbolic of Roman Numeral #5  and the number five is all about turning points. The heron flew to the left, symbolic of our intuition. So the big message for me that day was that as I learn to trust my intuition more, a change in direction and more clarity is imminent. 

I feel stronger now and I know that whatever is placed before me will reveal its meaning the more I take the time to pay attention and trust that inner sense or voice within me. For the divine feminine or intuition dwells within each of us whether we are masculine or feminine this time around. It is our connection to Body, Mind and Spirit and within this Trine or trinity lies the union of opposites. The Yin and the Yang in perfect balance. From this place of balance and peace, we can learn to see and understand the subtle nuances around us instead of moving on fast forward all the time; thinking we have to make things happen.

Even when we aren't able to see the end of the road, connecting these subtle nuances and synchronicities allows us to connect to the language of the multi-Verse. For within the multi-Verse lies infinite possibility, infinite love and total clarity, all wrapped up in the layers of tim-E.  All we have to do is allow it to blossom like a flower before our very eyes.

Yesterday a pure white rose

Came to me by hand

Delivered with some baby's breath

It was so very grand

Voluptuous describes the bloom

that before my eyes I saw

For when it comes to Mother Nature

there's only one sweet law

This world is moving, Oh so fast

Of this we'd all agree

Still beauty lies in the hearts of those

Who will take the time to see.

Bliss Sings