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Unveiling the Spirit World Part 7

Mon. Sep. 09, 2013

Grandfather Speaks

In Part 4 of Unveiling The Spirit World, I was sharing the story of the experience I had while giving a reading for a woman at a Mother's Day celebration I attended. Her grandfather "came through" in a rather peculiar way with a message for her.

I'd like to travel back in time now to a story about an experience I had when my grandfather was passing into Spirit. Loved ones can come to you in a variety of ways as I have mentioned in earlier writings.

I was very close to this tall rugged northern Algonquin man. His father before him was a Polish  "waR " refugee. Even though he had raised 12 children and therefore had so many grandchildren, I was challenged to remember all their names, I felt special. He made all of us feel special.

I remember thinking how large his hands were when he grabbed me for one of his famous bear hugs. The rough hewn hands of a Polish Canadian pioneer breaking new ground in a ruggedly wild northern Algonquin landscape. He loved the land and in return, it loved him.

He loved food, fresh from the gardens and the fields and the forest....he loved music. He taught his children to love it as well. He lived a good life, even though he out-lived his first bride and a couple of his children. He kept that part buried deep in his heart and chose to keep pressing on ; no matter what emotions he may have been feeling. He taught his children to do this as well...

I digress. That is for another time when I release my personal experiences and findings on the direct correlations betwen belief systems passed down through the gene pool, emotonal well being and health.

I was 13 years old in the year of (smile) 1970. Thirteen is the number of total transformation, change and re-Lease.

I had a beautiful room when I was thirteen; soft lavender walls and wldly beautiful full length drapes splashed with the spendour of royal purple flowers that seemed to dance with delight when the wind blew the soft lace curtain that completed my window...

To the left of my window, was a picture of a girl of around five years old, walking in a lush green meadow followed by a lamb. My grandfather had gifted me this when I was in the hospital a couple of years after my brother Martin died. I survived a severley ruptured appendix as well as a coma from being given the wrong blood. Hmmn...this story seems to be weaving into a sequel....

Every night before I went to bed, I'd gaze on that picture and I would feel calm inside. One morning, I woke up and the picture was at the end of my bed, leaning perfectly against the wall and the footboard...face up. I jumped out of bed, my adrenalin flowing while at the same time, feeling like I'd just been plugged into an electric socket.

I yanked the door open and knocked loudly on the door to the bedroom where my two remaining brothers were sleeping. I needed to verify, even though I could feel a knot growing rapidly in my gut; as if forcing me to focus my attention there. I knew intuitively that it had been my grandfather who had placed the picture there.

I chose to ignore my gut and listen to my logical mind and ask my brothers if they had entered my room while I was sleeping and took the picture off the wall as a joke. Before the word No came from their lips in unison, I had already spun around in the hallway. I ran outside to the garden, where my father was stooped, lovingly tending his tomatoes.

Dad, Dad, I cried, Grampa's passed away. He came into my room last night on his way out and left me a message that he had been there while I was sleeping to let me know he was leaving. My Dad . his eyes like saucers said, what are you talking about Gin Gin?  ( that was one of his nicknames for me as well as Little Monkey)

It was then that he heard the phone ringing inside the house. It was really loud because my Mother was challenged with her hearing and seldom answered it. I bounded into the house and picked up the phone, my Dad close at my heels. It was my Aunt, calling Dad to inform him that their father was dead.

I remember Dad putting the phone through the wall before I silently let myself out to sit in the garden and receive its quiet solace.


My Heart Slips Free

Like a leaf slowly dancing in the Autumn wind

My heart slips free from its unhappy past

All pain is forgotten, you can do as you please

I ask but one thing, let this sweet pleasure last

In this lifetime, the joys and the sorrows were great

For life is a classroom of love and of hate

My love is still with you

Tho not of this world

Now life is your oyster and you are the pearl

Excerpt for my book Slip From the Shadows