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Monthly Vibes Newsletter August 2018

Wed. Aug. 08, 2018

The 8/8 Portal of August , 2018 and be-Yawned. ..

Well here we are, standing on the cliff. The number 8 symbolises the Strength card in the Tarot. It depicts a woman flanked by her familiar, the Lion who represents the astrological sign of Leo and the masculine Sun. Without its fire, we would all perish. No thing would liv-E.

We could choose to be stuck in that darkness, focusing on what dire circumstance will happen in the future. 

We could choose to focus on the outcome instead of delving into the depths of our Infinite Being and like a lotus, drawing strength and lifeforce from the depths of our ex-peer-iences. 

We could choose to turn away from that lifeforce or believe that the end result is better than the journey.

We are surrounded by fast lanes...

Fast foods

Fast Cars

Fast Cimmunication

The intention becomes the system and the system is breaking down, fellow cliffdwellers...

The number 8 is also the number of money, sex, wealth and power. Money is the energy, being the first word and there's lots of it being spent on 2, 3 and 4.

Eight is also the number of Dharma, an eas tern philosophy which basically means do the task for the tasks sake without focusing on the outcome.

So here we are at the Lion's Gate of 8/8/18.Now there are two 8's to deal with. 

8+8=16 and the number 16 symbolises the lightning struck tower of Babel. It is also the number of The Awakening and 2018 is a master number 38/11 year.

Many of us are waking up to understand the essence of who we are and our purpose here on this planet. 

Re-member, out of chaos comes order. 

The 8/8 portal is the power surge that will manifest your wildest dreams in rapid succession. It is important now to unplug from the media and plug in to Mother Earth. Walk barefoot as often as you can. 

We are between worlds. So much of the old is falling away and crumbling before our eyes. Do not spend energy fighting this. Let go and jump trains.

We cannot beat the system but we can refuse to feed its fire and brimstone.

The Gate is open for us to walk through. It is waiting in the forests, the mountains, the meadow, lakes and streams. It is just outside your 4 walls. 

Now is the time to share our stories, our gifts and or creativity. We will then attract like minded others who are there to help us on our way. 

When we trust and are in the flow, everything re-veils itself, right time, right place.

We will soon be in the new moon energy on August 11th and things will begin to zoom forward on August 17th.

Take some time to visualize what you wish to manifest in the next 6 months.  These are tumultuous, heart expanding, shapeshifting, exciting times. We are officially off the map.

It is of utmost importance to visualize and act on what we'd like to manifest instead of what we " don't want."

Life is like a restaurant and it's time we stop paying for the shit.

Why did Jack and JIll have to go all the way up the hill to get the water when water flows downstream?

Who put |Jack in the box?

Who pushed Hmpty Dumpty?

What kind of horn did Gabriel blow?

Life is like a game of cards and the Trump card doesn't always win.

Turn down the noise and enter the silence of your Being. Hear and trust your heart's guidance. 

Be gentle with yours"Elves and move forward fearlessly.

so much love and peace to you all

xo Jeanne