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A Little Bird Told Me...

Sun. Jan. 17, 2016

I received a call from a friend who shared with me that she had stepped out her door  that morning to find a dead bird at her doorstep. It was a full blood red moon in Aries, a fire sign. She wanted to know what the meaning or symbolism of having a dead bird show up on her doorstep and what if anything, she  could do about it.

She knew it was a message of some sort, she just didn't know what it meant at the time. She asked me what I thought it meant. I told her that it wasn't really a "good " sign. It meant that she should be on the alert for messages of some kind and that they may be shocking in some way. She asked me if there was anything she could do. I said yes, you can honour the bird and its message by burying it and saying some prayers of gratitude that the bird sacrificed its life to give you a heads up.

My client took my advice and went to the water's edge and buried the bird and said some prayers. While she was giving thanks, some very strong thoughts came in to ask for protection for a specific one of her children and his family.

We were doing a show that afternoon and she was coming to pick us up and stay for the show. It was a wonderful time and we were all pretty pumped when we left the studio. We were driving up the main street and were right in front of the police station when she decided to take us to dinner to celebrate. Her decision to make a quick left turn to go downtown was cool. Turning left on the red light right in front of the police station was not ; especially since there was a police officer right behind us!

The other thing she didn't really have going for her was the make of her car because it happened to be a very expensive one.

The police officer wasn't impressed and he also looked like he was just spoiling for a fight. It actually felt like we were talking to the Gestapo...bullet proof vest, snarly and not the least bit  interested in anything we had to say. My friend had to get out of the car to find her handbag with her  ID in the backseat.

While she was outside the car, I said to my hubby, "She's not getting a ticket you know." He said Yeah ...right. I looked at him and said it again and he quickly caught on that I wanted him to energize this thought with me even though it appeared that there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell that she would get off.

Just then my friend stepped back into the car to wait for the police officer to run a check on her. He finally got out of his car and stuck his angry mug in the window and said...that will be 380 dollars and 5 demerit points! Can you guess what happened next?

She got off. Suddenly it was if he was forced to take a happy pill because he said, I am not giving you a ticket because I got another call. Get out of here! The interesting thing is, he was still at the side of the road when we turned the corner. There was no sign of him rushing off or putting his "cherry" on!

So now, here are the three of us, laughing and giggling in between bouts of extreme great-fullness that we had escaped unscathed. We were really in the mood to celebrate then!

We had a wonderful dinner and came out to get in the car and go home when I noticed a jeep parked in front of us with a sticker on the back that read The Army Of Jesus. Now sometimes I wish I didn't notice and analyse almost everything, but I do so I said , hey look at what that sticker says! You pretty well needed the army of Jesus to get you off that bloomin ticket. What I didn't know at the time was there was more to this story and the night wasn't over yet. That sticker was another "sign."

Usually when I "get" something and I don't know what it means, i file it until something else happens that is connected to it and I just keep adding to the "file" until the last piece shows up and the puzzle is solved in retrospect. So in the car on the way home I started running through the files I had so far. Hmmmn...

1 Dead Bird

2. $380 fine

3. Army of Jesus sticker

I started thinking...ok so the dead bird was a heads up. The numerology message on the number 380 was something was about to take a 380 degree turn as far as a relationship was concerned. Now what did that sticker on the truck mean?

We arrived home and after I thanked her for the evening, I rushed inside to go to the bathroom. I no sooner had come back out when I found her back at my door in a state of panic. I said what's wrong and she said, My son's house is on fire and he's been burned and on his way to the hospital. Not wanting to let her deal with all this alone, we got back into the car and went to the scene.

Well I can tell you now what the sticker on the car meant. It was a sign  for her that the army was over at her son's house...keeping he and his family safe. It turned out that her son was not burned but was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. You see, his garage was on fire and  while there were explosions and 4 foot flames, he went back in to get his car.....

Everyone was safe but the house was unihabitable. No lives were lost. The "army" had succeeded.

I personally am convinced that gratitude is the master key. No matter what the message is, I also feel that if my friend hadn't said those prayers, I would have been telling you a very different story.

Our world is full of messages from Spirit. We just need to stop awhile to receive them, pay attention to them and be great-full for them.