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On The Subject of Depression

Thu. Nov. 19, 2015

Depression is the ultimate illusion that we are separate from Source. When we are feeling separated from Source, in other words, our own divinity, there is not much that sparks our interest. We are challenged to find the beauty in the moment, the beauty in the lesson.

Just as a leaf that has lived through its cycle and now must de-compose in order to nourish the earth with its richness, so too do we need to de-compose old ideas, conditioning and thought patterns. In order to do that, we must delve into the parts of ourselves where angels may hesitate to tread...hanging out with our shadow selves. We may experience separation anxiety because suddenly, we don't fit into the mainstream.

The tree of life is just a tree without ears to hear and eyes to see.

Everyone knows the expression, is the glass half empty or half full. How do you choose to see it? What do you choose to believe you see? Here is another question that I was re-Minded about. Is life too short or too long? My answer to that is that it depends on how you choose to spend your time and where you wish to focus your energy.

If you believe that you will never overcome the obstacles that are actually acting as blessings in your life, then you are choosing to believe in that moment in time that you are defeated. It isn't anything outside of you that has caused this attitude of defeat.  It is a direct manifestation of your own thought patterns. Let's accept some response-ability here.

When your eyelashes are glued to the ocean of e-motion, you are being invited to stop and wipe the mud out of your "i"s.

I am depressed because the economy is such that I will never get ahead. I am depressed because nobody comes to visit me and so the circle continues. We go round and round on the wheel of blah-Me like a hamster in a cage with its own thoughts. How do we set that hamster free?

We need to stop feeling so small. We are eons and eons old. Each of us is like an intricate circuit board. When we become depressed, we need something to defuse the energetic pattern.  One major way to change the energy of depression is to go outside in nature to re-calibrate the spirit. Nature always shows us the way.

We all need to get in touch with our roots and our hearts. We need to feel. Sometimes an onslaught of strong emotions causes us  to let go of any control we thought we may have and find ways to transmute the feelings through some form of meditation or creative expression.

Think of depression as the perfect storm. Re-member that even in the darkest of hours, the light eventually returns There is a difference between withdrawing and going within. Withdrawing for long periods of time would suggest that the person is feeling separate from Source energy and not ready to reach out to others in vulnerablility.

Going within from time to time assists us to get in touch with our higher self. It is in this depress-your-eyes'd state, that we awaken to brighter days.

May brighter days shine for you!