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On The Subject of Grief

Mon. Oct. 19, 2015

When we experience grief, all our minds think about is how to stop feeling it. We put bandaids on it or ignore it completely and call it a soul-you-shun.

When we lose someone or something, we may feel as if we are losing ourselves, so we dig outside of ourselves for answers. We look for something or someone to pin it on. Sometimes, we wear the badge of the stoic; carrying on relentlessly with nary a tear of joy or sadness. We don't take time to stop and heal the parts that are broken. This world has no patience for that. Time is marching on you know!

When we feel pain in some parts of our bodies, we are left with no choice but to do something about it but how many of us take the time to heal and let go of the grief that lives in our hearts? The little and the big hurts that build up over time until suddenly, one more thing is added that tips the applecart and there they are, all the little seeds of discontent, anger and pain splayed out before you, rocking you to your very core. The times when all the buried emotions writhe in unison for attention as the heart splits your senses into an open gushing wound.

Yes, sometimes having a meltdown is a good thing. At the very least, it is a trigger to re-Lease all that pent up emotion, bring it back into balance and set matters right. However, we have been conditioned that we have to remain orderly, that we have to stay calm. If we don't stay calm, medication is often the bandaid solution because we must keep it all together and remain in control. Who or what is really in control then?

What is control anyway? Is it something we exert over others? This suggests that those others are choosing to allow that control to be placed upon them. This would also suggest that we choose to give something or someone else the power because in actuality, we feel powerless to be the change we so desperately want to be. It's a whole lot easier to become a victim. It's a lot easier to throw up our hands and accept another cruci-Fiction. The self perpetuating and cancelling sagas that would bring a tear to a glass eye. They did this TO me, they did that TO me. This happened TO me, that happened TO me. How about inserting the words For Me?

Where is the compassion in control? Where is that love raised to its highest level? Selfish or self-Less...see how long this has been going on? How do you get control when you don't know where your passion lies? Is there really a higher power that is going to bring it to you on a platter? Apathy manifests no thing. Intention manifests every-thing.

I personally believe that the only way to gain control is to love ourselves enough to take it but how can we love ourselves fully if we don't take the time to find the passion that lies deep in the emotional crevices of our hearts? Passion is the flame that ignites the spark that fans the flames of our very existence. Passion doesn't live in our minds. It lives in our imaginations and when our imaginations are triggered by desire, our entire beings are awakened with excitement. Our cells respond and we feel good.

Every cell in our bodies communicates with us each day but how many of us ever notice until our pain bodies as Eckhart Tolle speaks of them, start screaming. When we are faced with dis-Ease or dis-Comfort, it is a direct communication from our body minds that something in our energy field has a block. It is a sign that our pent up emotions are running amok somewhere and we have to go digging to find the root cause...or not. we are again, back to choice. Back to balance. Back to the garden, on your knees, uprooting the weeds so that the flowers can grow. The flowers that will eventually become the bouquet that is your life.

Landscaping is sometimes hard and dirty work. It's the same when we are creating new landscapes for ourselves.. Weeds are beautiful too but they are known to have extensive root systems. In people, these systems spread back to birth, pre-birth and even span lifetimes.

When in doubt, look to your roots and decide what you want to keep and what you want to let go of in order to heal your bloodlines and survive this shift.

So much love to you on your journey,



Love and Mercy

Ever since you left

I've felt like I could die

But that is but a choice

to surrender to the lie

That we aren't free to choose

when we want to leave this earth

'Cause we've been led to believe

that we're powerless at birth

We've been led to believe

that it's all outside of us

We give our power away

instead of driving our own bus

Well it's tme to show some mercy

Some mercy on yourself

It's time to do what you love now

and take your dreams right off that shelf

Well it's time to spread the love now

The love you've come to be

It's time to show some mercy

On yourself since losing me.


Jeanne L. Thompson