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Gotcha, The Subordination of Free Will- Book Review

Tue. Oct. 06, 2015

Greetings Everyone!

I was recently asked to review New York Times best selling author, Eldon Taylors newest book Gotcha, The Subordination of Free Will. If you resonate, Please share far and wide!

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If you are looking for a relaxing bedtime story, New York Times best selling author Eldon Taylor's newest book Gotcha is not the answer. If you are looking for truth and transparency in a world of smoke and mirrors, then Gotcha will certainly get you. It will get you thinking outside the box we have put ourselves in by allowing the powers that be at this time to define our very existence.

In his newest book Gotcha, The Subordination of Free Will, Eldon gifts us with more understanding about the power behind subliminal mind control and capture. Taylor leaves no stone unturned as he methodically moves  through the countless ways in which we the people have been duped, manipulated, manhandled and mind-controlled.

From ingredients used in packaged foods to vaccines to all the systems already in place to indoctrinate and condition from birth, Eldons's extensive and sometimes shocking research covers the whole gambit or shall I say gameboard. I have personally quested to discover the hidden truths in life and am aware of some of the information in this book, but I must admit that I am truly gobsmacked by the material contained within this brilliant and defiantly courageous piece of work.

Gotcha is without a doubt, so revealing that I am excited that it is now in print for all to see. In the dark ages, this would never have been "allowed" to seep into the mainstream but because of the very technology used to steal our free will, the opposite is happening.

I am personally advocating and energising that Gotcha reaches around the world and serves as a wake-up call to the masses so we the people can finally get off the train to Auschwitz so to speak.

In Gratitude,

Jeanne L. Thompson