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UnVeiling The Spirit World Part 13 - The Birthday Gifts

Thu. Apr. 16, 2015

This story involves my mother, who crossed over to the other side of the veil on April 16th 1997; eighteen years ago. In Numerology, eighteen is two cycles of 9 years. It is also the number of healing and the Moon. The astological sign that symbolises the moon is Pisces.

My mother's birthday was the 18th of March. They named her Joyce or Joy as I often thought of her. She was a Pisces like myself. I guess that explains the lunatic

On March 18th 2010, it would have been her 90th birthday,  she "sent " me a Condor feather from Peru through a sound healer I know who went on a vision quest there. That was 5 years ago and oh how my life has changed since then, but that's another story I just remembered I can share a bit later.

As  this  birthday  dawned on March 18th 2015, I had her on my mind and was wondering if I would receive any messages from her. The day was also an important anniversary for my partner Ken, whose father had passed 3 years earlier right  on her birthday. Anyway, the day arrived, sunny, crisp and clear and I went about my business preparing to receive a client for a session.

My client didn't drive and so was dropped off by her sister's husband. She arrived and we did the session and when it was over, she called her brother in law for a ride. He was nowhere to be found so she called her sister instead...

Now her sister just happens to own a funky little second hand clothing shop in town. She received the call at her shop and had to close up to come and pick up her sister. On her way out the door, she was impulsed to bring me 2 gifts....

One was a beautiful piece of art. It was a framed "Art Fly"-beautiful feathers wrapped artfully around a fish hook (Pisces) The artist just happened to be a mutual friend of ours but my client didn't know that at the time. The second gift was a pair of jeans which of course fit me perfectly in all ways. You see, the jeans had gold embroidery vines with flowers growing up from the cuffs to the pockets but that's not all. They were hand stitched with hundreds of tiny semi precious stones, all my favourites. There were little bits of amethyst, malachite, jade, citrine, tigers eye, clear quartz, rose quartz and the list goes on.

I jsut started laughing when I saw them. I said out loud, "These are going to feel like i'm wearing chain mail again...only in this lifetime. Then I shared with my friend that her gifts had arrived on what would have been my mother's 95th birthday. It never ceases to amaze me how Spirit works to get you messages from the other side.

I can just imagine my mom arranging the whole scenario. Well let's see...I have to impulse the one sister to book a session with Jeanne for that specific day. Then I have to find a reason for her brother-in law to have to leave early for work so he can't pick her up. Then I have to impulse the other sister to being me the jeans and the artwork on her way out the door to pick up my client.

Both sisters were ecstatic when I thanked them for being the messengers from my mother on her special day. The day's events didn't stop there though. There were more messages as the day went on.

That afternoon, my partner Ken and I were driving down a familiar piece of road on the way home when I felt the Great White Owl before I saw it. All of a sudden, I saw huge white wings rising out of the ditch on the passenger side of the car before soaring right in front of us. Owl waited until the last minute and we were almost side by side to fly over the windshield so I had to slow the car right down. Just as it soared in front of our eyes, it turned on its side, looked at us ad showed us its underbelly. We were both just "gobsmacked."

Owl has come to me in many of these stories. Its message is that your world is going to change very soon in some way. I have had an owl divebomb my car on a sucidal mission to give me a message  of great change. There was a lot of heartbreak and sadness with that one but things eventually truned out to be better than ever before. Sometimes chaos comes out of order.

This particular owl though was free and soaring, even showing us his vulnerable underbelly. I believe the message that day was that everything is getting better and all is well and going according to Divine Plan.

We arrived home and settled in to digest all that had transpired. We really felt that the owl had been a message for both of us from Spirit. My mother and Ken's father, who as I mentioned earlier, had passed away on that day 3 years before.

The messages didn't stop there though. After dinner, I called my good friend, who is also very intuitive to fill her in on the days events and the messages received. She too felt that the owl message was huge. We finished our conversation and signed off for the night. About half an hour later, my friend called me back and said that she had been guided to do a reading for me around the day's events. The reading was very powerful and indicated some big changes ahead.

Then my friend shared something with me that absolutely left me without a doubt that Spirit was really working hard to get me messages. My friend asked me if I had ever heard of the Society of the Little Flower. I told her that indeed I had and asked her why she was asking. She shared with me that she had received a St. Theresa's medal from them in the mail that day and she hadn't ever sent them money or belonged to that particular organization. She was wondering out loud to me about why ehy would send a medal. I birst out laughing and told her that my mother had religiously sent The Society of the Little Flower money for years and that every year, had received a St. Therea's medal for her patronage. Since she didn't have an earth address anymore, she had the medal sent to my frend's house so she could tell me about it and therefore be the carrier of yet another message from my mother on her birthday!

I wonder what she will cook up next year...or today for that matter because it is afterall,  the 18th anniversary of her passing. Stay tuned....