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Robin Williams- His Life and Death in Numerology and Symbolism by The Number Genie

Wed. Sep. 10, 2014

Today, September 11th 2014 is the 13th anniversary of 911.  It is also one month since Robin Williams took his life. Thirteen is the number of total transformation and or along with death. It can mean the death of a way of being present in this world or an actual physical death or a passing into the world of Spirit.

Since September 11th 2001, many souls have left the planet and as well; our world has transformed in ways we didn't predict but could well imagine....both positive and negative.The number 13 is symbolised by the Death key in the Tarot; depicting physical death as well as an end to old structures in order to re-Birth the K- new.

The number 11 is a Master number and therefore more is expected. It is the spring board for Master accomplishments...both positive and negative. The number 11 is represented by the Justice key in the Tarot. Its symbolism lies in the scales of balance , however, the number 11 also rules the subconscious mind and the freedom to make choices for ourselves. It also represents the hidden mysterious side of ourselves, both positive and negative as the scales of Justice imply.

In order to find balance, we must learn to choose and find peace within ourselves, thus becoming ambassadors for others to find their way on their journey "intuit"

September 11th, 2001 was not a day of Peace for the World. The number 9 11 has been broadcasting fear for a long ttime but this was a Master accomplishment to spread it on this day. Using the symbolism of the number 11 in the form of the Twin Towers was an added stroke of genius.... As a result , most of the world traded their  inner peace for the master illusion of fear and lack.

Now, thirteen years later, we all have the opportunity to re-visit this choice within ourselves , therefore the world.

Robin Williams was and is an Ambassador for Peace. He was challenged to find it totally for himself in the world this lifetime, however he has left us with a legacy of joy, laughter and unconditional love. He has also gifted us with the opportunity to crack open our hearts wide and take a deeper look at life and our purpose on this planet at this time.

Exactly one month ago, on August 11th 2014, our world received an emotional tsunami in the form of much loved, actor, comedian and humanitarian, Robin Williams taking his life.

Suicide is so violently shocking because it reflects our deepest fears about ourselves and most people would rather eat bees than go there. It is so utterly final with no known permanent solution to heal the wounds in the hearts of those who have been left behind to survive it. I know, because I am a survivor myself. I am two, three, four and five times a survivor if I count the number of times I myself have experienced it right up front...close and personal.

One thing it does do for you is throw you into the shark infested waters of depression and despair so you can see how fast you can swim. Death and suicide have cracked my heart open many times  and I have been swimming in the waters of emotional riptides all my life. Some have called me an emotional warrior and I really resonate to that.

The study of numerology and other metaphysical disciplines in the last 27 years has served to open me up as a channel for information to come through to me so that I can share it with others. There is a reason for the abacus!

The first thing I'd like to mention is that according to my own personal numerology, I am an empath; meaning that I am extremely sensitive to everything so I usually avoid T.V, newspapers and the nightly news. I find that whatever I am meant to know, I am informed of in one way or another.

On the day of Robin William's passing at approximately 11 11, I was working alone when I began feeling heart palpitations and was having trouble breathing. I didn't know whether I was picking up on someone else or if it was a world event. I asked my guides and was told to go outside and get grounded. I did this and then was told that it was not about me, it was something bigger. I finished work and arrived home. My partner met me in the driveway and delivered the news of Robin's death that he himself had just been informed of.

I immediately put my hands on my already aching heart and started panting like a dog. I sat there outside in the chair slumped over, holding my heart and taking in large gulps of air as I processed the news that took me right back to my own husband's suicide and the catalyst for me to look for alternative solutions to cope with my loss. In a matter of minutes, I processed all of the emotions I was feeling regarding Robin's passing, starting with the darker ones first. My partner quietly lit some sage and waited for me to come out the other end. He asked me to take my hands off my heart and open it up and I said no, not right now. I explained that my heart chakra was wide open when he gave me the news but I had to close it for a little while because I was feeling the grief of the world in my heart and it was just too heavy to bear until I could take some time to bring myself back into balance. The other side of ZERO.

I just sat there, tears streaming down my cheeks and thinking of the brilliantly funny man who brought the world so much joy. I asked him in my mind how he did it and then I told my partner I felt that Robin had something around his neck that looked in my minds eye like a belt. I also felt that there was something more to the picture, that there were other factors and issues involved and that it would soon be revealed. My partner scanned the news for me and verified how Robin passed as well as shared with me the information that he had jsut been recently diagnosed with Parkinsons as well as being treated by Big Pharma for depression.

This felt so familiar to me because just before my husband took his life, he was diagnosed with M.S and was being "treated " by Big Pharma for depression as well.

Any dis-Ease is fear based. Just watch the ad-vert-eyesing on T.V. One has a feeling of either being trapped by life or a dis-ease that has manifested within the physical body or sometimes both at once.  One thing I have discovered through my own experiences is that bandaids are not in my opinion the solution, they are the cause. in a lot of cases.

In any event, those left behind are faced with the big unanswerable question..WHY? I suppose no one will ever really know for sure why  but there are some numerical and symbolic clues  that may shed some light on Robin's sudden exit and so I decided to delve into it further by analysing Robin's name and birthdate to see what I could come up with to share with all of you

One of the ways I have learned to cope is by doing the math and gleaning information from the symbols that for mainstream society has long been forgotton or ignored because of lack of time or interest. My own husband's suicide as I mentioned earlier, was the catalyst for me to look to metaphysical disciplines and subjects for answers. Now, 27 years later, I feel like a walking computer. If you are interested in reading the story of Where it all Began, one of the articles in my Unveiling the Spirit World blog, you can find it here.

So without further adieu, I'd like to share with you my findings and musings with regard to our soul brother, Robin McLaurin Williams. But first, a poem.

The essence of who he was
Is something very rare
Like millions of tiny jewels
Glistening in the sun
He lit up this world
Like the stars at night
When they spoke to him
in multi-Verse
And he saw
and he loved
Be-cause he is lov-E
And we see and we feel
be-Cause we are
aT-one with our brother in Arms

Robin McLaurin Williams arrived on this planet on the 21st day of July 1951. The #21 is symbolized by the World key in the Tarot. As such it represents the re-evolving circle of life; the never ending dance. The key words for this number are self-expression, travel, change rewards, success and new worlds. It is the number of Cosmic Consciousness. That means we are all on a journey here to re-develop our connection with the divine "try-Angel" our yearning to connect in body, mind and spirit through our thoughts, words and actions while we are here on Earth. In the teachings of Nature, the bird that corresponds to Robin's personal #21 is the Owl. Owl "medicine" is that of the seer because of its extremely good night vision. Owl eyes can cut through the darkness like butter and when I think of Robin's eyes, I see worlds within worlds.

Robin was born in the 7th month which is the number of the mystic, the metaphysician, nature, trust, right timing and balance. When you add his personal #21 to his birth month #7, you arrive at the number 28 or 21+7=28. The Tarot symbolism for the #28 is represented by the Two of Wands. It depicts a man holding the world in his hands, indicating unlimited opportunity for achievement in any line of work. The man is standing in a garden showing all the work that has been done in previous lifetimes. He is standing at the top of a hill, looking down on two paths; indicating there are choices to be made with our free will. The key words for the #28 are surprise, competition, unusual events and contradictions. These elements all test the man's ability to make choices without becoming too emotional or too serious.

Now let's talk about the year in which Robin arrived...1951 or 1+9+5+1=16. The #16 is represented by the lightning struck Tower in the Tarot or is that light-en-ing? It's akin to the tower of Babel in ancient times. The #16 represents awakening to or understanding our spirit while functioning in our human body. In other words, learning how to be humane to ourselves and others. For some, it may come as a clear flash of understanding; complete with chills running up and down your spine or a sudden change or "bolt out of the blue" that knocks the wind out of your sails and you are faced with the question of whether to begin again or allow yourself to crumble into dust.

Robin's death came to the world like a bolt of lightning...gifting us all with the choice of how to perceive his passing. Suicide is the ultimate light bulb and he turned it on high...nice work Robin.

I choose to believe that what he did FOR US is to awaken us to begin to understand the causes and effects of depression and to the fact that we have an epidemic on our hands.

Robin William's full birthdate was July 21st 1951. When you add all the numbers as in 7+21=1+9+5+1, you arrive at Robin's Life Lesson Number which is the Master number 44. This number represents the lessons that Robin came into this life to learn. The #44 is the #8 raised to its highest vibration. The base number 8 is symbolized by the Strength key in the Tarot. the only two numbers that can be written over and over again without ending are 8 and 0. As such, they represent infinite power over both the material world and the world of Spirit. This means that we all hold within us the power of suggestion and it is from that place that we can learn to direct our life force or personal power.

The key words for the #8 are response-ability, money, harvest and business. Robin's life lesson number 44 was to gather all the information from his experiences of constantly having to re-evaluate everything and then use it to help others . This he did do,  over and over and over again. The other side of this lesson is to allow help to come to you when it is offered. It is about opening up and reaching out for divinely guided assistance when wondering if what you are experiencing in the moment is all there is.

The Tarot symbolism for the Master #44 is depicted by the Four of Cups and shows a man sitting in quiet contemplation. If the man seeks help with patience, meditation , self-control and persistance, it becomes available to him by manifesting itself in the material world. Its master mission is to give many opportunites for re-evaluation of present circumstances. The challenge here is that most people who have this number in their numerical make-up almost always live in the future and resist asking for assistance of any kind but are always more than willing to give it. These individuals always have to have a goal or a plan and keep running and giving until one day, there is nothing left to give; except for the legacy they leave behind for others; in order that they may re-evaluate their own lives and priorities. Again I say, nice work Robin.

In Nature teachings, the Master #44 is represented by the Hummingbird..a harbinger of Joy. Robin Williams gave us so much joy and now what he has done for us is gift us all with the opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities and find our own.

Robin's Outer Personality number  or how he was seen by others is the Master # 56 or 5+6=11. The key words for this number are balance, decisions and spiritual attunement to self and others. This Master number demanded more of Robin, but promised more in return. There is a lot of nervous energy that comes with this number and only through self awareness and control can one achieve and maintain balance between the intellect and emotions. Robin was very intuitive and a natural peacemaker who was sensitive to strife of any kind, even though it was all around him.

He used humour to establish harmony in his own and in the lives of others while in the midst of changing and unexpected situations. He was affectionate, sympathetic and responsive to the challenges of those around him. He sensed what we all wanted and needed and he knew how to deliver it. He also had a finely tuned sense of rhythm and a great appreciation for music. He especially liked songs that told a story. The song that comes to me now when I think of him is Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

So let's all take a moment right now and wish him blue skies from now on.

The flip side of the Master #11 is emotional, mental and or spiritual imbalances, as well as absolutely no tact. Robin knew how to tell people where to go so nicely that they were actually looking forward to the trip but he could also be blunt and unpredictable. This number, along with the Master number 44 gave him a mind like a steel trap and he analyzed the crap out of everything. When he trusted his gut he was On; when he didn't ..well..the word spun doesn't even come close. He lived in his head a lot too and had a very fine mind.

Now here's the that popped my eyes wide open when I figured it out.

Robin William's Soul Contract number was 47/11 or 4+7=11. So he had double what I just described above and more. The significance of this specific number according to his personal cycle numerology for August 11 2014 absolutley floored me. Fro this reason, I am saving my analysis and thoughts on this for last.

The next number I'd like to speak about was Robin's Path of Destiny number or his purpose here in the lifetime. He had yet another master number and that number was #22 ;the ancient numerical value for a circle or zero as well as the Alpha and Omega. As Above, so Below is the message that the #22 imparts; meaning there really are no walls or ceiling or floors to restrict us. There is unlimited potential in the number 0 because from it we leap into the void with the cmplete trust and faith of a child. It is represented by the Fool or Joker in the Tarot.

The base number of the Master #22 is 4; which represents the material world. Therefore, this key represents life force or thoughtform before it enters physical manifestation in the material world. The #0 stands alone. representing the divine will or God Force. The Latin word follis meant bag of wind and Robin certainly was that and so much more. He was a storm that rocked this world in so many ways and his legacy here on Earth ad beyond lives on....just like all the legends and teachers who have gone before us.

Now I'd like to close this article by taking the time to analyze Robin's Soul Contract Number which as I mentioned earlier is the second Master number 11 he had in his numerical makeup. The significance of this number was so huge, because according to Robin's personal cycle day on Aug 11th 2014, he was under a 47/11 Master number vibration and he chose to leave on that day!

The Number 47/11 day he was having was the  same vibration as his Soul Contract. This tells me that he decided his soul contract was up! Another interesting point to ponder is that he died on the 11th day in approximately the 11th hour and he was having an 11 day and his soul contract number was also 11. So I added the four 11's up and came up with the Master number 44. This was his Life lesson number! Coincidence? I think not.

Robin intuitively knew that money,success and fame wasn't enough to feed his soul. He real-eyes-d that the material side of life was not the answer for true happiness. This Master number vibration demanded that he use discrimination when making decisions by going within to find peace and balance. His personal charm and magnetism brought him all the wealth and glamour the world had to offer but his soul really wanted to make a difference this time around.

There were many tests of character and self awareness for Robin in this lifetime and this required him to go inside himself in quiet meditation for answers. When he didn't do this for himself, states of almost feeling bi-polar would result. In my opinion, meditation and yoga was the answer; not drugs or alcohol. In fact, Robin was so sensitive that his system couldn't really handle the use of either.

Robin had an incredible ability to lift and separate thoughts and ideas for others, but was challenged to do that for himself. His main mission was to find peace. It's ironic to think that now he has to start from scratch and work at that again, even though he is on the other side. From my understanding of what happens when someone takes their life is that they have to go through all the emotions of the people left behind as well as repeat all the lessons they have worked so hard to learn.

Robin's suicide left the world thinking...if Robin Williams can't make can we?

His message is that we can...if we choose peace. We can...if we choose to find alternative methods to heal emotional wounds rather than putting bandaids on and masking our emotions with drugs or alcohol.

Robin Williams had a huge influence on this world and now he has left us with much to ponder. His last gift to us was to bring mass attention and awareness to suicide and depression as well as our current way of treating it.

So I leave you with this...Robin may be gone from this world but he is not really gone. Because of the nature of his death, he will be watching to see what we do to change our own lives so we do not end up repeating our patterns over and over again.

He will be watching to see what we do now when it comes to suicide awareness and prevention as well as alternative ways to overcome depression.

I pray that his death has made a huge point and that we will find new ways to deal with the challenges of life. I believe that creativity, music and laughter are the best medicine.

The Journey

The eagle rose toward something new

Knowing not where it took him or which way he flew

The air was uplifting as he soared free and strong

The light of the heavens reached out for his song

Together, they melted and fused with the sun

But his feather was left

To heal everyone

Thank-you Robin for being the catalyst for me to write this piece and thank-you dear readers for your time.

Your Sister in Arms