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UnVeiling the Spirit World Part 11- Where It All Began

Tue. Jul. 01, 2014

June 20th 2014 was a milestone for me. It marked 33 years since I cut the circulation off in my father's arm because I was gripping it too hard on my way up the aisle to meet and marry my first love. It was the church where I was baptized and where I had mourned the death of my brother at the wee age of three.

I didn't know it then, but I was on my way to being capsized instead of baptized this time.

It was 6 short years and 8 months later that my world fell apart and I sank into one of the deepest depressions I have ever known. My husband, my lover and my friend chose to end his life the day after my 30th birthday.

That is when I began my journey to find out more about the hidden mysteries in life. The more I searched and studied, the more confident and aware I became of the meanings of the symbols and the signs; especially with the added mathematical meanings and formulas found by studying the ancient science of numerology.

This year, on my birthday in February of 2014, I reached another milestone. It marked 27 years since his passing...3 cycles of 9 years

In this past year, I have had more "contact" with him than ever before. It started in earnest last August with my story about the psychic medium coming into the store where I was working and asking me if he could give me messages from my mother and my husband. The title of that one is It Was a Miracle...Not An Accident.

Then the morning of my 57th birthday came and I pulled out my cell phone to text my friend and the texting screen was already open with two words already typed on it. The message was Hi...Pat... That was my late husband's name!

On the 27th anniversary of his suicide, I sat outside on the picnic table. There was no wind and the night was still. I sat there and talked to him for a long while in my mind. I thanked him for all the lessons learned and for the love we shared. I told him that I had forgiven him and myself. Just then, the wind blew up and the moderate February night turned icy with the breeze. I asked him to stop the wind if he was there and if he heard me telling him that it was Ok for him to "leave".  A couple of minutes later, the wind stopped. I wasn't satisfied that he had heard me so I asked him to send me a huge sign if he that I couldn't explain away.

I didn't have to wait long. It happened the very next morning. There was  a  "bomb blast" from the past waiting for me in my emails. I hadn't even taken a sip of my morning coffee when I opened it. There in front of me, was an email from his brother with whom I am still connected but had not heard from in a year or so. He had decided to send me a collage of wonderful pictures of Pat created for the 24th anniversary of his passing. He had just been "impulsed" to send them to me 3 years the very time I had asked Pat for a huge message. My jaw dropped open as I sat and stared at the memories flooding onto the screen before me. There was even a picture of our wedding day, with me looking rather smug....

I silently sent a prayer of thanks and gratitude to his brother for being such a wonderful messenger.

I'd like to switch to the immediate present as I type these words. I have a word counter on my blogs so I can keep track of how many words I have typed thus far. I just finished saving what I had just written and the number popped up...13668. Instantly I correlated it 13..the number of total transformation as well as death. 668...the address of the house where I spent my first 8 years. Yet another message from Spirit...this time from my parents who I feel around me whenever I am going through a shift. I love the ways in which Spirit works!

Now this brings me to the present moment in the story I have to share about how he contacted me to send messages for what would have been our 33rd anniversary, June 20th 2014. The night before that day, I had the pleasure of doing readings for 9 women at a Number Genie Party. I wear a lot of crystal and semi-precious stone jewelry. One of the women present had the gift of being able to give people messages and readings by looking at their jewelry. She commented on the necklace I was wearing and asked for my permission to gift me with a message.

She said that although I was with a very loving, nurturing partner now; there was someone else  who was in the Spirit world wanting to give me a message through her. I said yes. It was Pat.  He told her that we had not been able to be with each other long in this lifetime because it had been cut short...

Part of the message from him was that he protected me and would never let anything happen to me. He seemed to be rather adamant about this. It was eerily familiar to the message given to me in August of 2013 when I was hit by a car while riding my bike and came out without a scratch...

Now I wish to share with you that I had a driver for this particular party that I was attending. She is becoming more aware of the messages and symbolism from animals and birds. On our way out to the party, I remembered her casually mentioning that she had seen a young fox bounding across her yard just before she had come to pick me up. She asked me what the symbolism of Fox meant. I told her that it symbolized something camoflauged or hidden and that it probably meant to drive slower than usual because something may come up suddenly. We also saw a dead skunk in yes...the middle of the road on our way to the party. I remember saying well, we didn't hit it so it looks like we may come up against something but we won't "get any on us."

The party was over and we were on our way home. We had just turned onto my street and were coming up a small hill when suddenly a car with a young man (fox), pulled into our lane because he didn't want to wait for the car in front of him to turn onto a side street.  The car didn't miss us by much, but "somehow" we were safe.

I said prayers of gratitude for all the messages received and the protection given before I went to bed. The next morning dawned a bright sunny warm day. I was working at the store when a woman came in. She had beautiful blue eyes that "somehow"  looked familiar. She smiled and said that she wanted a dress for a wedding and my friend Mary told her that if she gave me her birthdate, I would use numerology to give her some colour combinations that vibrated to her specific birthdate. She told me her birthday was October 5th. I said, of course it is...thank-you for the message. Pat's birthday was October 5th!

So you see, Spirit moves in so many ways and when a loved one is determined, there is no dimension that can separate time.

Looking back

at the movie

I see the reruns

I see the choices

I see the patterns tiny prisms

in stained glass frames

I see the colour bursts

of my experiences

clamouring forth

to show thems"Elves

I go to the windows

and carefully hang them

I detach myself

and watch the show

I see the beauty

in each layer

and the cuts it took

to make the Art

I turn my head

to see them differently

and as I do

...time stands still

I reach through the past

to pull the pain out

leaving nothing but Love

to light my way