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Monthly Vibes for September 2018
Wasn't that a party???
Monthly Vibe for August 2018 Cont'd
Well it feels like a month since I last wrote what...
Monthly Vibes Newsletter August 2018
The 8/8 Portal of August, 2018 and be-Yawned

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More About Life By Number - Not Available at the moment!!

Every day of the month you receive a reading that is personally relevant to you and your birthday for as little as $5 per month. You can also look ahead on your Daily Planner and have a glance at the whole month, especially if you are looking for guidance regarding a specific date.

You can gift this program to a friend or family member as well.  All you need to know is their date of birth.

You or the person you gift it to will glean information on:

  1. Your current daily cycle and what types of things you need to focus on
  2. Experiences that may occur during that cycle day
  3. Ways in which you can achieve balance and optimize your time
  4. The best colours to wear to empower you for your day ahead and assist you to vibrate with confidence
  5. Crystals you can work with or wear to enhance your awareness and intuitve abilites
  6. Tarot symbolsim that corresponds to your personal daily cycle
  7. A New Moon Intentions Planner as well as the phases of the moon
  8. A way to track your intentions and see the patterns you are creating for yourself