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Business By Number

How can knowledge of the numbers behind a name help you in business?

The name of your company or website and logos is very important. It can either make or break sales and marketing. Why not utilize the power of the numbers to understand the hidden energy behind the name, website or logo?

From this vantage point, we can streamline the name, the words and the colours you choose to vibrate directly to your business. Then the choices subliminally vibrate out to the customer or client and your marketing strategy includes this vital information to put you in a position where you are drawing the energy of success and abundance directly to you.

Knowledge of the vibration of words used in advertising is also a key factor in whether you are successful in your campaign as well.

When we combine the knowledge of the energy in numbers with heartfelt, spiritual intent as well as action, we tap into the supply of infinite universal etheric energy. This combination acts as a magnet to aid you in making whatever you dream or visualize manifest into physical reality.

The Source is always flowingÂ… we just have to find the keys to allow us to flow with it. Numerology and Sacred Geometry are definitely two of those keys. The key that gets us to the top of the mountain of attainment though is Consciousness.


$60 (based on one hour consultation and colour chart)

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