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Numerology for August 7th

You may be feeling rather introspective today.

Numerology for August 6th

The key word for today is love. Where do you wish to go from here?

Numerology for August 5th

This day may feel rather emotional and restless.

Numerology for August 4th

You may be looking at things a whole lot differently these days. This is a stop, wait,look and listen period.

Numerology for August 3rd

Self expression is the key word for today. Be careful not to press the bitch button though.

Numerology for August 2nd

This you will find to be a very significant day in more ways than one. You may be feeling waves of different energies. You may feel the need to unplug. The last thing you need to do is watch the k-news. Unplug to plug in. Abdicate from mass agreements. Spend time in nature.

Numerology for August 1st

Wow...what a month it's been. We have been experiencing some deep shifts.

Numerology for July 31st

You may be feeling a little tested today because of a decision you have made. Stick with it. I t will be better in the long wrong for all concerned.

Numerology for July 24th

We are still under the influence of the new moon in Leo. Things are moving forward. It may not seem fast to you but there are so many other levels here.

Numerology for July 22nd

This is a master number day. The new moon in Leo is building for tomorrow.

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