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Jeanne's Jewels

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Numerology for July 8th

We are still in the full moon energy. Now things are beginning to re-veil themselves as the unveiling continues.

Numerology for July 7th

Happy Full Moon! Take some time for self today. Things are feeling intense so remember to breathe and take time out in nature.

Numerology for July 6th

There are big changes today. Home family and domestics are accented.

Numerology for July 5th

Expect the unexpected today You may be feeling rather restless so find something constructive to do with your tim-E.

Numerology for June 26th

This is a day of change. Information is coming that will bring more clarity.

Numerology for June 25th

Take some time for self today and to be out in nature. You may be feeling rather introspective today

Numerology for June 24th

The key word for today is love. Why is it that when we open our hearts we feel vulnerable?

Numerology for June 23rd

You may be feeling emotionally drained today. Take some time to get your balance, There are some truths that need to be spoken but there may be no words right now.

Numerology for June 22nd

Today is a master number day. Things are coming full circle again. There may well be some unusual events.

Numerology for June 21st

Happy Summer Solstice! The energies are amping up. The world is at your feet.

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