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Jeanne's Jewels

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Numerology for July 23rd

Expect the unexpected and go with the flow today. It's time to relax and in-Joy the ride.

Numerology for July 22nd

This is a master number day. More is coming full circle.

Numerology for July 21st

This is a great day to lighten up. After the Capricorn full moon, that's a good thing.

Numerology for July 20th

There are turning points today. You may be beginning to see things as they really are. and not as you had thought.

Numerology for July 19th

Happy Full Moon! Lots of messages coming today, especially from Spirit.

Numerology for July 18th

The key word for today is healing. Yo may feel like slowing down a little today but the energies are still fast so pace yourself.

Numerology for July 17th

Today is a great day for staying home and staying as peaceful as possible

Numerology for July 16th

Today is a day for revelations. Bright id-awes and prospects may arise suddenly.

Numerology for July 15th

Many things are coming full circle now. I was re-Minded of that yesterday.

Numerology for July 13th

The key word for today is change. It's time to get some things in order.

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