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Numerology for June 30th

You may not be able to see where you are going today because you have a lot on your plate.

Numerology for June 29th

This is a master number day. It's a good time to give yourself permission to take up space and speak your truth

Numerology for June 28th

There may well be some unusual events today. Messages of all kinds are forthcoming.

Numerology for June 27th

The veils of illusion are lifting again. You may be seeing things as they really are instead of what you thought.

Numerology for June 26th

The key word today is gathering. You may be waiting on more information on something. Chances are that you will get some today.

Numerology for June 25th

You may be feeling quite philosophical today. It is time to go within for answers.

Numerology for June 24th

Today may seem like a dream. Time seems to be speeding up

Numerology for June 23rd

You may feel a bit restless today. There may be some decisions to make as well

Numerology for June 22nd

This is a master number day. Dream big and ask for assistance

Numerology for June 21st

Happy Solstice 2016!

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