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Numerology for October 5th

Wow, what a day for change! You may be feeling restless to say the least

Numerology for October 4th

Let your imagination run wild today. Anything to do with art, writing or creativity of some kind

Numerology for October 3rd

Time for change and to get organized

Numerology for October 2nd

Balance is the key word for today. Then you will begin to

Numerology for October 1st

There are new beginnings today and some endings too

Numerology for September 30th

You may feel as if you are straddling worlds again today as you move through

Numerology for September 29th

This is a master number day and a day to speak your truth

Numerology for September 27th

You are lifting some veils today as you move toward higher consciousness in some way.

Numerology for September 26th

Today is a day where the energies are gathering in intensity as the full moon is building.

Numerology for September 25th

Stagnant conditions are getting stirred up again and more clarity results

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