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Meet Jeanne L. Thompson


I am passionate about life and our ability to make choices as to how we live it. I also believe that those choices are made easier when we begin to understand how we can direct our energy through a better understanding of our subconscious minds and numerical blueprints.

Numerology is the science of numbers based on an individual’s date of birth, time of birth and name at birth. Information about how a person directs their energy, what life cycle you are in at the moment and in the year ahead, what sorts of pastimes would feed the soul, complimentary career choices as well as relationship to others can be determined.

Numerology can also be utilized as a tool for business names, websites and logos.

I am an intuitive empathic counsellor who has been studying and practicing numerology for 26 years. I teach about how our lives move in cycles and how to flow better with those cycles instead of struggling against them.

The name "The Number Genie" was gifted to me by an internationally known sound healer and astrologer named Michael Moon. It's an interesting story about one evening spent together with Michael and some other friends and he said that I needed to have a name that encompassed everything I do. When I am working with a client or a group, I incorporate colours, crystals, native teachings and tarot to give people a wider scope from which to draw their conclusions. Since my name is pronounced "genie"... it was already fitting!

When he suggested the name, it felt right to me at that very moment but I still chose to analyze the numbers in the name to make sure that the vibration was going to match mine. This is what I mean when I say that I have studied it but I also practice it.

After I did the math, I just had to laugh because the numbers vibrated to my path of destiny number exactly!

Doing this did two things for me. It assisted me to make an informed choice as well as to affirm to myself that my gut feelings had resonated to it in the first place and that is also a sign!

I am available as a guest speaker for events, radio, television or webcast and can perform on the spot readings at either live or call in shows.

You can also book me for an individual session, corporate event or home party.


In Gratitude,