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Numerology for February 24th
The key word for today is love. Family and friends...
Numerology for February 23rd
Today may seem to fly by. There is much to do and ...
Numerology for February 22nd
This is a master number day. Many things are comin...

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Welcome to The Number Genie!

Thank you for being here! It is no coincidence that you are. I do not vibrate to the word coincidence but I do to synchronicity and serendipity!

It's all about numbers. Numbers are everywhere, and every number has its own unique meanings and vibrations. Numerology is the study of numbers and their effect.

Individuals, businesses, websites, logos, addresses, phone numbers, world affairs, life in all its forms, basically everything, is affected by numbers. Various interpretations by world class experts render the study of Numerology even more interesting and fascinating.

Please In-Joy your browse. I look forward to hearing from you!

In Gratitude,

Word Power

Words are symbols for ideas
To help you on your way
Thought turns into form
Directed by what you say
Words dance in our heads
Driven by the mind
Weaving many threads
Into stories that unwind
Pictures of your life
As you see and as you feel
Words are symbols for ideas
They can slay or they can heal

Jeanne L. Thompson ©2005